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The Island


Venetian Charm Meets Arabian Chic

Qanat Quartier is a private picturesque community where Venetian charm meets Arabian chic. With pastel-colored low-rise buildings, intricate canals, pedestrian-friendly squares and plazas, Qanat Quartier is Qatar’s very own little Venice. Each waterway is spanned by stylish bridges, which further evoke the soul of Italian romantic living. A wide choice of boutiques and outlets offer a great shopping experience. Residents and visitors can pick from a large variety of F&B outlets that are sure to satisfy all palates. The district boasts a world-class beach front with outstanding views, and a visitor parking space for over 1,000 cars


Waterfront village reminiscent of the best of Venice

  • Canals reminiscent of Venetian waterfront living
  • Stylish townhouses and apartments
  • 31,000 m2 retail space
  • 190 retail units
  • 1,120 retail parking spaces

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