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Published on August, 15, 2016

When you think of a typical summer season and activities that can be done, thoughts of early afternoon picnics, long leisurely strolls and various other outdoor inspired events may automatically spring to mind.

However, if you are living in Qatar, such thoughts are most certainly few and far between.

With Qatar's hot and humid summer months arriving yet again at our doorstep - whether you are already acclimatized to it, or this may be your first time experiencing the wrath of the desert heat - many will choose to shun stepping out as they rather seek refuge in the sanctuary of an air-conditioned apartment.

For some, staying indoors naturally means reaching out for the remote control, and for those living at The Pearl-Qatar, if you subscribe to beIN Entertainment, you will then be pleased to know that they have added an additional 10 channels to this package.

Hooray! I hear you cry!

Now you have a perfectly plausible excuse to kick back, order in your favorite takeaway from one of the many outlets on the Island and spend the very humid nights flicking through all the new channels.

There is absolutely no fear of being considered as a couch potato or sneered at for not stepping out to enjoy the 'great outdoors'. Rather, it would not be surprising if your doorbell rang more often than usual, after all, good friends and great TV go hand-in-hand!

The added 10 channels on beIN Entertainment package include:

  • 4 Factual
  • 3 Kids
  • 2 Movies
  • 1 Entertainment

Channels are a trilingual mix of English, Arabic and Hindi, as well as regularly subtitled. Therefore, you can enjoy a range of programs such as survival and adventure on the Factual channels, cartoons and educational programs on the Kids channels, a host of the latest movies, and on the Entertainment channel programs such as cookery shows and celebrity news.

And as if that is not enough, there are up to 30 further channels more soon to be added by autumn from beIN.

So now it only leaves one question to be asked …. "Are you not entertained?"

If you have yet to install cable TV and wish to do so, simply call 800-6222 to speak a member of the IPTV team for more information.






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