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Eat This, Use This, Love This. 6 reasons to visit Qanat Quartier

The precinct of Qanat Quartier has really taken off in its own right as a booming retail destination

Published on January, 14, 2017

The precinct of Qanat Quartier has really taken off in its own right as a booming retail destination, with a significant amount of retail space signed and the district gaining popularity amongst with its residents as well as visitors.

Qanat Quartier, with its colorful ambiance and charming canals is speedily evolving into a unique retail village. Footfall from the public has spiked and people are now labelling Qanat Quartier as the “newest and coolest” spot to visit.

Read on for why Qanat Quartier has earned this title, with this list of things to do, eat and experience in this much loved locale.


PAMPER THIS: The Furrr Camp
Welcome to The Furrr Camp! Here you will be able you immerse yourself into a new world of products and services for you and your adorable cat and dog. The Furrr Camp love dogs and cats just as much as you do and therefore the extensive range of services and products they offer are top class! Including grooming, a play area, a luxury boutique, veterinary services as well as a cozy hotel, The Furrr Camp is staffed by professionals who thoroughly enjoy working with your pets.
EAT THIS: The Breakfast Club
The very popular Kuwaiti concept, The Breakfast Club is certainly in with the in-crowd. As you enter the place will feel comfortable because of the nice, simple and creative décor – and if you are lucky enough to get a table, as the place is constantly at maximum capacity, you will certainly in be for a gastronomical treat! The menu offers a wide variety of dishes especially for breakfast, and a must to try is the Italian way eggs, cheese avocado sandwich and egg Benedict, and be sure to follow that all with the delicious kinder pancake for dessert. The breakfast here is different a served with elegance and cooked with love.
LOVE THIS: Waffles & Coffee
And who does not love the idea of waffles or specialty coffee? Yes please! Serving fresh and delicious breakfast options such as savory waffles and crepes, as well as a mouthwatering menu of delicious sweet varieties, Waffles & Coffee is certainly a delight. The café is quaint and cozy and serving hot and fluffy waffles, fresh fruit crepes, homemade sauces and dips you will be spoilt for choice as to what to have when you visit this dessert haven. Head to the café and take a seat outside, on top of the bridge to enjoy the stunningly breathtaking colorful views of Qanat Quartier; which seems, in some way so fitting, as you take a forkful of your temptingly good red velvet pancake topped with strawberries and cream.
USE THIS: Vasco Laundry
A newly opened laundry shop, Vasco Laundry Services is fully committed in providing excellent quality laundry services at competitive rates. At Vasco Laundry Dry Services, they understand the hustle and bustle of everyday life for busy professionals and busy households, and ensure the finest in quality of service. Vasco Laundry Dry Services offer a full range of services in all their stores including garment preservation, free pickup and delivery service, carpet and rug cleaning as well as their quality business shirt service.
TRY THIS: Eskisehir Eskisehir
Is a casual dining café serving good-value wholesome Turkish food in a laid back atmosphere. Available for dine-in and takeaway, Eskisehir offers a fast, easy and hassle free menu. The restaurant has a friendly, rustic feel and welcomes customers to come and dine for lunch, dinner or even something in-between. Enjoy a seafood wrap, or a shawarma, or why not try their signature falafel waffle, which makes for an interesting twist on the traditional waffle. This little Turkish café has such a homely feel to it, that you will be hard pressed to leave!
RENT THIS: Capstone Property
If visiting, dining and enjoying Qanat Quartier has got you wishing to be part of that community, then you have Capstone Property to help to make that wish come to realization. Capstone Property is proud to establish itself as a leading property and real estate agent in Qatar. Capstone offers a variety of specialized and professional solutions such as, property sales, leasing and marketing, property management and consultancy and valuation. Through experience and success in the Qatari Market, Capstone boasts a distinguished reputation among its clients. By recognizing the importance of a robust, accommodating and friendly customer service, and they tailor each and every one of their clients’ needs.



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