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Fall in love with fitness this National sports day

Preparations are in full swing at The Pearl-Qatar to celebrate Qatar National Sports Day on February 14th. This year, choices of places to get active at The Pearl are more so now than ever is at its highest.

Published on February, 12, 2017
Preparations are in full swing at The Pearl-Qatar to celebrate Qatar National Sports Day on February 14th. This year, choices of places to get active at The Pearl are more so now than ever is at its highest.


With National Sports Day falling on the international day of adoration, there is no better fit than loving yourself enough to look after it by engaging in a workout.

Full rounded love for your mind, body and soul? 
Here are some options for this National Sports Day to take advantage off.





With a whole day dedicated to celebrating moment and healthy living, Niya Yoga’s vision is to create a warm, vibrant community where everyone is welcome to explore the power of yoga. Therefore on 14th February Niya will be offering yoga classes totally free of charge. Classes will run from 9am-5pm, so come along, pick up a mat and join in any of the 45 minute taster sessions. If you are a beginner this will be the perfect time to be introduced to yoga and the different techniques associated it with it.

Book in advance at: +974 4468 2562 / Email:


With the newly launched class timetable, Gymmito is all geared up to introduce you to the world of the latest training for your fitness journey, such as Les Mills RPM, Body Pump, Body Combat, CX Worx and Body Balance sessions. Boasting top of the range equipment, Gymmito aims to provide each and every member a bespoke, results driven, high class training facility. An all-round fitness club that will help in achieving your workout goals, Gymmito offers trails of their classes - which also have women only options catered for.

Book your trail classes here:


Have you always wanted to try out the all-so-popular CrossFit that seems to be on everyone’s lips, but the idea of maybe not being able to ‘keep up’ in the class daunts on you? Then, no need to fret any longer! CrossFit at Strongbox in Medina Centrale is now offering classes without the need of doing the ‘Basics Course’, which basically means that the class itself will be dedicated to complete beginners, all going at the same pace! CrossFit workouts are constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All classes are reflective of all the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. So therefore, instead of learning all this in the two day course and then being thrown into the classes, you can now just come along to the 9am sessions which will have extra time allocated within it to learning the basics and techniques. The 9am class will be most suited to those who are completely new to CrossFit or recent starters who would appreciate some extra work on technique.

To join contact:



F45 Training is the new innovative, challenging and systemized team training workout that literally leaves you grasping for air! Based on 45min sessions, the classes place a huge emphasis on the 'three key factors' of: motivation, innovation and results. At F45 (the F stands for functional), no program is ever repeated, making every workout a unique experience. 
Currently running, is a 2-week free trail and if you are one for mixing it up then you must take advantage of this 14 days. Taking the best of cross fit, traditional weights and key cardio to spike up your heart rate, F45’s principle is to maximize your output with the most efficient and effective workout possible.

Book your 14day trail here: F45 TRAINING


If it is the great outdoors you rather be spending your Sports Day, then take advantage of The Pearl’s two tennis courts for those who wish to play a set or two. Ease tension with a friendly tennis match with you and your partner, or even pair up with another couple. Play a few matches and enjoy the afternoon sun, and equipped with flood lights, gaming can carry on into the evenings. The tennis courts - located opposite the Qatar Cool station- are perfect for leisure or even for a competitive match and is available at no charge.


If all this workout – or merely the thought of it – exhausts you, then remember that there is a pot of golden goodness at the end of this (high intensity) rainbow.

Head over to EVERGREEN ORGANICS restaurant in Qanat Quartier to treat your well-deserved self to a thirst quenching coconut, or even a slice (or two) of Vegan Gangsta Cheesecake. The menu is strewed with colorful raw dishes, various superfood big names and gluten-free vegan options such as healthy salads, burgers, sandwiches and raw tacos. Evergreen Organics restaurant emphasizes on all things green, goodness enriched and nutritionally healthy food; meaning only 100% nourishment is provided to your body and all the calories you burn in your Sports Day activities remain just that: burnt! Tel: +974 4472 0437


With its vast open spaces, lush green areas, beachfront, in addition to its amenities, The Pearl-Qatar continues to be a preferred location for indoor and outdoor sporting activities; thus promoting an active community in and around The Pearl.

So go on…. this National Sports Day, fall in love with sports!


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