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Want to get fit? Then join FiitGirl Classes at StrongBox

From StrongBox training sessions

Published on May, 02, 2016

With the summer months fast approaching, women all over Qatar have started to ponder on how they can get fit, trim and fab in time for full on summer season.

Want to get fit, lose weight and look great?

A specially developed program just for women has been created by the elite trainers at StrongBox– Qatar’s premium fitness center, located in the Pearl-Qatar’s Medina Centrale, and it is just the answer to the old age question of "how can I get fit?"

StrongBox’s FiitGirl is a women’s only fitness class designed to give busy women the most effective, results driven training, without the need to spend hours at the gym.


Fitter, Firmer, Friendlier – FiitGirl at The Pearl-Qatar

FiitGirl is a 45 minute to an hour high intensity workout which combines varied exercises such as boxing, circuits, coreflex, Zumba and much more.

Every workout created is designed with one aim in mind - to give busy women the best possible results without the need to camp out at the gym for long periods.

To achieve this, FiitGirl combine’s interval type training with a huge variety of different movements so that no part of your body gets left behind. Also, because no two workouts are the same, members are always being challenged and surprised, whatever the day of the week.

What does Fiit stand for?

FiitGirl classes are made up of: Functional. Intensive. Interval. Training.

  • Functional: StrongBox believe in functional fitness training, which is to use real life movements within the workouts.
  • Intensive: Intensity is key to weight loss and health benefits. Maximal health benefits in minimum time.
  • Interval: Short rest periods to allow peak intensity. Without the rest, peak intensity is not possible. Intensity gives results in the shortest possible time.


What is a FiitGirl class like?

The FiitGirl program has been cleverly designed so your body will never settle into a comfortable plateau, as the workouts change regularly and so does the rest intervals within the workouts.

Depending on the session, you may be using your bodyweight for resistance, yoga for flexibility or even some of sandbags and kettlebells for toning and getting the heart pumping!

Set within a fun, female friendly and sociable atmosphere, FiitGirl classes have become highly popular with women in and around The Pearl, as they seek for a local center that provides a range of scientifically proven, enjoyable, classes led by inspirational and dedicated coaches.

FiitGirl classes run 10am daily at the StrongBox, Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar. For more information and membership details visit



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