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Shop, Dine & experience the retail village of Qanat Quartier

Qanat Quartier, Doha, Qatar

Qanat Quartier

Published on 7/28/2016

With its colorful Venetian character, winding canals and arched bridges, Qanat Quartier is an enticing and very popular residential district. Excitingly, this precinct - with its many pedestrian-friendly squares and plazas – is also transforming into a well anticipated and eagerly awaited retail destination.

Boutique-style shopping in Qanat Quartier adds to the intimate village feel of the area, providing a heart for the community that thrives there. And now with the introduction of F&B kiosks, the Qanat Quartier community – as well as those visiting the area, can come together over coffee, snacks arresting views.




Already in residence is one of Qatar’s favorite Italian coffee house Attibassi. Pleasantly situated by the canals, the Attibassi kiosk offers a fantastic place to unwind with great coffee and delicious café style quick-bites.

Daily: 8am-9pm


To the delight of many - especially those with a sweet tooth – the opening of Irresistible Café has been a much welcomed funfair. Mouthwateringly tempting and all things chocolatey, Irresistible Café serves waffles, donuts, ice ice-cream, and much more. This is a place that you simply cannot say no to!

Weekdays: 3pm-10:45 Weekends: 3pm-11:45



Following on from these scrumptious desserts, what better beverage to wash it down with then that of a cup of karak from the candy colorful Karak Factory kiosk. Other than being the un-official national brew of Qatar, Karak is a most loved ‘pick-me-up’ of both Qataris and expats alike.

Daily: 4pm-11:30pm




If on the other hand you crave something a bit more filling, meaty and juicy, then the latest Arabic kiosk Fryk’h is right up your street - or should that be canal rather! Serving the likes of shawarmas and falafels as well as international dishes such as fajitas and steaks.

Daily: 2:30pm-11pm

In another phase and coming soon to Qanat Quartier are a number of services such as a gym, pet shop and a flower store, amongst many other pending retailers due to open.

Diva Lounge Spa

One service boutique to already open its doors to the female residents and visitors of Qanat Quartier, is Diva Lounge Spa. A holistic wellness spa based on relaxing treatments which balance the body, relax the mind and revive the soul in an environment that combines style, efficiency and serenity.

Sunday to Saturday: 9am-10 pm

Edged by sandy bays embracing the Arabian Gulf, Qanat Quartier is an intriguingly complex area in which a true Riviera lifestyle can be enjoyed. And now more than ever, with the introduction of more retailors to come such as a Yoga studio, a multi-brand fashion outlet and a grocery mart, the district is anticipated to be extremely popular with its residents as well as visitors as it evolves into a unique retail village.
Most certainly, outdoor retailing thrives when it goes hand-in-hand with alluring surroundings, to which the Pearl is ranked by far the most aesthetically pleasing location within Doha. Therefore, the charisma of the colorful ambience of Qanat Quartier brings to light that The Pearl Island has indeed taken on a life of its own, as one of Qatar’s fastest growing community.

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