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Getting The Best Out Of PokemonGo

Coreo Roundabout, Doha, Qatar

PokemonGo at The Pearl-Qatar

Published on 8/9/2016

​​Pokémon Go has descended onto our doorstep like a bat out of nowhere, and unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last month – actually, there is no place to hide, as these Japanese cartoon creatures can appear absolutely anywhere and everywhere - then you would have certainly heard chants, whispers and screams of: "I'm playing Pokémon Go!"

Whether we like it, agree with it or think indifferently about it, one has to admit that Pokémon Go has become a worldwide epidemic of gaming proportions; and as the saying goes, "everything has a silver lining", so here is the silver lining aspect we can apply to Pokémon Go, and why this summer you should consider popping on your trainers, slapping on some sunblock, packing a bottle of water and heading out to The Pearl-Qatar with friends and family to try "catch'em all"!


Word on the (Pearl-Qatar) streets, is that there are hordes of Pokémons lurking around the colorful precinct of Qanat Quartier; there couldn't be a more scenic and calming environment than Qanat Quartier, to leisurely stroll over its bridges and underpasses in search of your next catch.

And now, with the addition of food and beverage kiosks along the canals such as Attibassi, Irresistible Café, Karak Factory and Fryk'h, Qanat Quartier has become even more inviting. So allow yourself to take a pit stop during your hunt, and refuel.


The app has undoubtedly become very popular, as well as extremely addictive since its 6th July launch. But for some, Pokémon Go is more than just an entertaining app—it's helping them increase their exercise intake. The app, which deliberately encourages being active, can indirectly by way of disguise, help many achieve their daily fitness goals.


As an island and a community in its own right, The Pearl-Qatar offers many attractive zones for outdoor fitness, which in some about way, Pokémon Go can be loosely categorized as – the silver lining part I mentioned earlier.


Taking full advantage of the picturesque and pedestrian friendly neighborhood of Porto Arabia, its marina stretches over a 3.63 kilometer corniche. Which in Pokémon Go language roughly translates as, 'there are sure to be many Pokémon's hiding around.'


Fashion and restaurant outlets are more than welcoming to Pokémon Go players, even cheering them on when a Pokémon has been caught on their premises.


Time can surely pass without realizing, so ensure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times, and you can simply navigate your way around The Pearl Island by using the 3D online map from the website, ensuring you can always find your way back to start point.  


All in all, Pokémon Go is hailed by The Pearl-Qatar as a family-friendly activity that inadvertently can feel like a workout, or be a fun way to gamify exercise. 


Whether the game is intentionally trying to get people to exercise more, or it's just an unexpected perk, wandering around the different precincts collecting Pokémon's can burn some serious calories. And with so many traffic-free zones, such as parks, boulevards and walkways, The Pearl-Qatar can be considered as one of the safest places in Qatar you can spend time catching'em all!

Happy hunting!

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