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Capture your moments at The Pearl-Qatar with Dari Qatar

Porto Arabia Drive, Doha, Qatar

Dari Qatar

Published on 8/25/2016

Most of us - in these modern times of technology - do find ourselves naturally documenting our day-to-day life in some shape or form using the various social media platforms.

Yes, it may just be your everyday run-of-the-mill activities, but now you have the perfect excuse to film it and star in your very own motion picture.

From waking in the morning, to sitting in traffic on route to work, or the school run, and to dining out, Doha Film Institute want you to hit the record button on your camera phone!

Entitled "Dari Qatar" ("my home is Qatar"), Doha Film Institute (DFI) and Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) have collectively set on an ambitious mission to showcase the everyday life of citizens and residents of Qatar.


For those living on The Pearl Island, there is a worth of content to delve into.

You may be embarking in your usual evening stroll along Porto Arabia's marina, then grab your mobile and capture the beauty of the location and its mesmerizing sights. Even if it is walking the dog in Qanat Quartier besides the canals and on its bridges, then seize that moment to showcase this colorful precinct.

QTA and DFI wish for you to view this as your "personal journey" – so make it about you, for you and moreover, filmed by you.

You don't have to be a filmmaker or a professional camera person to be part of this motion picture, as the 'rawness' of the video submissions from everyday people, will hopefully make the project all the more relatable due to its 'realness'.

Alongside using mobile phones, those interested are permitted to also use digital cameras, state-of-the-art cameras or other gadgets such as GoPro in the filming of their submissions.

Mixing perspectives from expats and locals, "Dari Qatar" will give the world a different viewpoint on what it is like to live, work and play in Qatar; with its unique beauty, its cultural diversity and its rich Arabic traditions. And so, The Pearl-Qatar encourages all to take part in sharing moments, thoughts and experiences had on the Island.

Footage received by DFI will be collated to paint a bigger picture of daily life in Qatar. DFI request that filming MUST be done horizontally (landscape frame) and submitted online here:

Doha Film Institute will then work with a team of professionals and filmmakers to build the storyline out of all the video footages; with the final output expected to premiere in late 2016.

Therefore, join in in this fascinating initiative, and start creating your representation of The Pearl-Qatar, which may possibly go on to be shared with each other and with the world.

If you believe you have nothing exciting to document, then don't forget that...

"Within the ordinary, lies the extraordinary".

For full terms and conditions visit:

Dari Qatar Terms and Conditions

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